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The Dream


Our dream is to provide the United States with a better solution to waste. A more holistic, sustainable solution to the post consumption economy is needed. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the Sustainable Waste Remediation Economy. This is a huge dream. It takes time, effort, money, and sacrifice. In addition, it will take making people think about waste differently. So the goal of this company, is to provide the solution that does that.

The Workplace

Safe, serving my people

We want to create the best damn place to work. Rather than follow the typical landfill pattern, our workplace will be one that allows employees to work in conditions that enable them to take preventative measures to minimize their exposure to dangerous substances, therefore preventing the development of chronic health conditions in the future. This company is for my people. Furthermore, for the US as a whole. For the employees, consumers and businesses. We are working on a complicated problem.

The Dumpsters

Your trash has a purpose

Finally, in order to build this system to solve our waste problem; we need a waste stream to play with. Hence the need for dumpsters. Your trash, has a purpose. In conclusion, we are first of all a materials recovery company, and your trash, becomes a recovered resource that can be creatively re-used, or repurposed.

Me & You

This vision is bigger than us

Maybe you are reading this and you have caught onto our vision.If you embrace our core values and also feel that you could contribute to the development of this organization, please drop us a line! We are looking for those who bridge the gap between feeling and knowing why this is necessary, and those who take consistent deliberate action to intentionally bring those beliefs to life. La Fleur de merde is opposite of most trash companies!

Maybe though, you just need to get rid of some trash. This company is for you. In addition to helping our world, we strive to give you the very best service possible.